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Detailed illustration with specifications of all our product range
  • Accurate, straight corner angles
  • Gives structural support and reinforcement to the corners and walls.
  • Smooth even-surfaced walls
  • more...
VWS beads are manufactured in Europe and have been gaining immense popularity in overseas markets, since 1980. Conforming to the highest standards of accuracy, backed by in-depth research and development and implemented using modern processes and world-class technology, VWS beads are also ISO 9001 certified and are now launching in India. Suitable for industrial, commercial and residential use, VWS offers you a diversity of products, all designed to suit a wide range of varying needs. VWS beads are easy to fix, being lightweight, userfriendly and cost-effective and are classified into usage for dry walls, interior wet plasters and exterior wet plasters. Using these beads will ensure the protection of the internal and external Gypsum boards and plastered columns in your home, office, or industrial space. They will reinforce the structural strength and safety of the premises and help you achieve 100% straight walls and corners in a speedy and cost-effective manner.

Our product offerings are:

Dry Lining Beads

Dry lining classification consists of Gypsum board which is fragile and hence, difficult to maintain. VWS Dry Lining Beads reinforce the Gypsum wall partitions, corners and ceilings in offices, homes, shops, hospitals and malls, thereby strengthening the walls and offering protection against impact. It is also used for cracks which develop at the junction of the RCC and Gypsum board vertically and horizontally. PVC does not support combustion and is self-extinguishing when the source of flame or heat is removed.
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Interior Wet Lining

VWS readymade corner beads made of galvanised steel are used as interior wet lining. They are fixed in interiors, protecting corner plasters.
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Exterior Wet Lining

VWS readymade corner beads made of galvanised steel and fitted with a PVC nose are fixed in exterior wet linings. As exteriors are exposed to various climatic conditions like heat, cold and rain, the PVC acts as a protector, shielding the plaster from wear and tear. These beads are also used in industrial zones, where there is continuous movement on the floor.
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