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  • Accurate, straight corner angles
  • Gives structural support and reinforcement to the corners and walls.
  • Smooth even-surfaced walls
  • more...
Q. What is a Corner Bead?
A. A Corner Bead is a readymade corner easy to be installed on corners of a wall made up of a RCC or brick. It's made of G.I or PVC and available in lengths of up to 10 ft. long.

Q. Why to install a Corner Bead?
A. Most common, we see chipped & broken corners at homes, offices, hospitals, schools etc. And to address this problem, VWS has introduced German technology made readymade Corners of G.I & PVC.

Q. How to install a Corner Bead?
A. It's user friendly to install ready made Corners with the help of glads on a instant brick or RCC corner as shown in the guide.

Q. How much time does it take to install a Corner Bead?
A. It can be easily fitted in 15-20 minutes. Compared to traditional method which can be 1 1/2 to 2 hours by a mason.

Q. What is the benefit of installing a Corner Bead?
A. Installing a readymade corner is very instant than the traditional method of making a corner, hence time saving. Corner Bead is a permanent solution for breakages and chipping of corners of a wall.